[pacman-dev] Sg and Rg options && categories

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Fri Sep 21 06:56:03 EDT 2007

> Categories are very nice and I'd really like to see them implemented.
> Categories should _not_ be installable, that, in my mind, is not the
> purpose of categories. Their purpose is to make searching easier and
> more organised. Currently it's very hard to search for something
> without knowing the name. If you want some sort of graphics
> manipulation program, then you won't necessarily find all of them
> since you depend on the description or a descriptive name (which most
> packages won't have). If we had categories we could just skim through
> the "graphics" (or whatever) category and see all of them there.
Well, these informations can be listed in PKGDESC field -- in a standardized way
(optimized for -Ss search, too).
But I still think that group is enough to do that. The (current!) -Sg would feed
your needs, if that could also show pkginfos (with an extra -i option for
example <- +1 vote for this). So I can't see what should be coded to libalpm.
So I ask again ;-): What's wrong with the "graphics" group? An extra "feature":
you can also install/remove the "graphics" _category_. Packages can belong to
multiple groups (==categories). What's the problem?: There are some
not-so-expressive group names (like xfce4-goodies), but who cares...
Bye, ngaba

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