[pacman-dev] fglrx-utils preferred over libgl-dri

Mateusz Jedrasik m.jedrasik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 13:02:48 EDT 2007

Thursday 27 of September 2007 18:56:37 Xavier napisał(a):
> Why?

Well if I understand correctly, supposing I have kdemod-kdebase installed, and 
some package requires kdebase, it will ignore the fact kdemod-kdebase is 
there and 'provides='kdebase'' and try and install kdebase from whatever 
other repo.

Unless I'm reading you wrong ;-)

In your case that you mentioned in your previous e-mail (which btw seems like 
a very chaotic explanation, maybe you can elaborate?) all that's needed to 
satisfy pacman and not have it pull in fglrx-libs, is to put 'provides=libgl' 
into libgl-dri.

That would sort it proper.

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