[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Add documentation for transaction events

Sebastian Nowicki sebnow at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 15:42:19 EDT 2008

On 27/04/2008, at 3:17 AM, Dan McGee wrote:
> Wow, awesome++. Thank you for doing this. Two issues though- your
> mailer is wrapping lines meaning this patch doesn't apply cleanly- you
> can either set your mailer so it doesn't rewrap things, or try to get
> git-send-email working which always works for me and prevents any line
> wrap errrors.

Sorry, this was the first time I posted a patch from Mail.app, didn't  
know it did that.

> My only other concern is blowing up alpm.h
> unnecessarily, but I don't see too many other ways of doing this.

Could the enum definition be moved to trans.c and have just the  
typedef in alpm.h, as is done with __pmdb_t, etc.? I haven't really  
used enums before so I don't know if it would stay in scope.

> Perhaps we can get rid of all the blank comment lines in each desc
> section? These:
>> +        *

It appears not. From the doxygen manual:
> One could use the \brief command with one of the above comment  
> blocks. This command ends at the end of a paragraph, so the detailed  
> description follows after an empty line.
I tried removing the blank line but the detailed description just  
ended up being on the same line.

Sebastian Nowicki

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