[pacman-dev] pacman tag support

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 18:42:30 EDT 2008

In answer to http://www.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-dev-public/2008-August/007644.html

To Ronald :

It is nice you worked on this, especially considering it was a feature
request posted by Aaron himself :

However, I warmly recommend you to have a look at this :

Especially the submitting patches page. And all the git guides.

1) you should really use git for doing pacman development
2) it it is a good idea to split patches, especially huge ones like this
3) all pacman development happens on pacman-dev, not arch-dev-public
4) all big patches go through the ML for review and discussion. Even
Dan sometimes sends his own patches (the less trivial ones) there

To everyone :

About the feature itself, here is the last thread where it was discussed :
I was always divided about it. I understand the point of view "groups
are installable, categories are not"
However, after having a look at this patch, it seems like it justifies
Nagy's opinion even more :
This category implementation basically looks like a duplication of the
whole group implementation.

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