[pacman-dev] bzip2 package compression

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Sat Dec 6 10:04:50 EST 2008

I changed these in /etc/makepkg.conf to bz2 variants ages
ago and assumed that the resulting packages would be bzip2
compressed. When I double checked the packages they were
still only gzip compressed even though the extension was
tar.bz2. Everything works so I didn't pick it up but I'd be
interested in the bandwidth saving from bzip2 compression.


Is there a reason that a -cjf is not used in makepkg ?

% grep bsdtar /usr/bin/makepkg
                        cmd="bsdtar -x -f $file" ;;
if ! bsdtar -czf "$pkg_file" $comp_files *; then
        bsdtar -xOf "$old_file" .PKGINFO > "$pkginfo" || continue
if ! bsdtar -czLf "$pkg_file" ${pkgname}; then


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