[pacman-dev] Order of option parsing and sourcing makepkg.conf

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 9 07:41:18 EST 2008


With the commit which enables us to specify the makepkg config file on 
the command-line 
the sourcing of the config file gets moved after the parsing of the 
options.  This creates problems with the --help flag as it needs to know 
what BUILDSCRIPT is defined as.  It also causes problems when specifying 
a different BUILDSCRIPT with -p as this gets set during option parsing 
then gets overwritten with the makepkg config file gets sourced.

I don't see a nice fix for this.  Sourcing the conf file before option 
parsing and then again after if it is changed seems not good to me.  So 
can we back that patch out at least temporarily.

Note that this does not effect maint so the 3.2.2 release will be bug 
free as usual.


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