[pacman-dev] [PATCH] (newgpg) Let pacman specify GnuPG's home directory.

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Thu Dec 18 08:02:48 EST 2008

Am Wed, 17 Dec 2008 18:22:36 +0530
schrieb Jatheendra <jatheendra at gmail.com>:

> A patch for adding VerifySignature options in pacman.conf

From your other mail:
These patches will add VerifySig option to pacman.conf. VerifySig
takes options Always, Optional or Never

      Server = ServerName
      VerifySig = Always
      Include = IncludePath

I've not tested your patch (today evening maybe), but i am not very
happy with this triple state. If i choose to use a repo which offers
signed packages then i want the "full program", so if something wrong
with one package i don't want it get installed/upgraded.
And if i have a repo without signing then i don't put the option in the
repo section of pacman.conf.

I found my suggestion has mor advantages, ex.:
Keyring = /etc/pacman.d/gpg/devel.gpg

Keyring = /etc/pacman.d/gpg/community.gpg


Keyring = /etc/pacman.d/gpg/fr-repo.gpg

a) The Keyring= Option indicates pacman if the signing framework should
be used

b) This var signals pacman where to find the public keyring for this
repo. AND we could have different keyrings for repos.
Ex.: the TU (if community packages get signed) fluctuation is IMHO
bigger than on the Developers side. So keyring updates are more often
necassary on community/TU side. And myself find it better to have the
TUs signatures/trustlevel not in the same keyring like developers
(core,extra) keyring for package signing.

c) With this var a extern repo (ex. the france yaourt repo) could
offers also signed packages - and a properly public keyring.

I think a little further (currently in the phase were we not finished
with programming to maybe avoid false paradigms):
- How get the users the keyrings, how get they updated?
- How is the trustdb(Trustlevel) handled? Must/should each user first
  sign each public key in the keyrings (Urghhh!)? Or is it better to
  deliver both signing framework files for a repo (ex. core): devel.gpg
  (=the keyring with public keys) and develdb-gpg (=the trustdb file).
  This trustdb file could could be the arch-web-of-trust where the arch
  leader for .ex. signes all devel keys, so they are trusted for this
  keyring pair.

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