[pacman-dev] Fwd: [BUG] chk_filedifference is buggy!!

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Part II [the real problem].

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Tartalom: [BUG] chk_filedifference is buggy!!
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This is the next part of my previous e-mail.
After some investigation I figured out that chk_filedifference is the reason 
of the bug:
The different pB==NULL handling is a good indicator of the bug (which is 
totally needless in bugfree chk_filedifference): almost the same happens here.
The problem is the "while(pA && pB)"; if we reach the end of pB first, then 
the remaining pA is cut down...
As an illustration I attached an other failing pactest file, which also 
demonstrates this clearly (and tests a now not checked case).

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