[pacman-dev] Get the version-number of libalpm

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Fri Feb 29 13:40:15 EST 2008

> Hi!
> We're developing a frontend for libalpm written in Qt4, which is called 
> Shaman. It's in alpha state for now, but it's proceeding very fast =)
Wow, new GUIs are welcome;-) [But I'm a gtk fan:-P]
> So, I want to ask, if someone of you can add a function to alpm.h which 
> returns the version number of libalpm, that's needed because of our own 
> UserAgent..
> Thank you 
Well, I'm not on linux machine atm, but the patch is quite trivial:
to alpm.c:
const char SYMEXPORT *alpm_getversion() {
And modify alpm.h accordingly :-P

Anyway, thx for the question, LIB_VERSION is hardcoded to the front-end now, grr...


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