[pacman-dev] vercmp behavior changed on "1.5b versus 1.5" compare

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 11:45:23 EDT 2008

Nagy Gabor wrote:
> Hi!
> I hope this wasn't discussed here earlier, I haven't followed this thread 
> lately. I think I said everything in subject, the old vercmp said that 
> 1.5b<1.5, the new one says 1.5b>1.5. The same for 1.5b versus 1.5.

Just a small notice that this also became problematic today with the 
upgrade of nss, which was just upgraded from 3.12rc4 to 3.12.
So it goes fine with pacman 3.1, but not with pacman git. And even when 
I try to upgrade nss with pacman -S nss, this fails because xulrunner 
has the following depends : nss>=3.12rc4

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