[pacman-dev] [feature request] ignore lost+found in /var/lib/pacman when running -Sc

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 07:42:52 EDT 2008

solsTiCe d'Hiver wrote:
> hi,
> i am running pacman db inside a loop (humm to speed up some pacman operation) 
> and when i run pacman -Sc (or -Scc); i got
> ...
> Do you want to remove unused repositories? [Y/n] y
> Do you want to remove /var/lib/pacman/lost+found? [Y/n] n
> it's because i have a lost+found directory in /var/lib/pacman because it's the 
> root of a filesystem.
> i find the question annyoing, as lost+found is NOT an unused repository.
> may be you could just ignore lost+found (on -Sc) so that the last question 
> above is not asked ? that will be be really unfortunate if a real repo uses 
> that name. 
> so simply do not ask the user.
> on the other hand, as the user is asked about that where is the problem ?
> if ever there are some files in lost+found, he/she would have still plenty of 
> time to fix it because he/she has to run manually a -Sc command. and if there 
> is a problem the first to do is not to run -Sc !
> a good or bad idea ?
> your call

I think your patch is fine.

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