[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Readd some symlink checking in file conflict code

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Fri Jul 25 08:11:07 EDT 2008

> > If you want to restore our old negligent "eye-candy" behaviour, you
> > can do the following (pseudo-code):
> > if(isdir(local_conflicting_stuff) &&
> > alpm_list_find_str(oldpkg->files,local_conflicting_stuff) {
> >        continue; /*no conflict*/
> > }
> >
> I would say go ahead with the current code for the 3.2 release. If it
> turns out to be really problematic, we can always use the above code
> for 3.2.1.
> (again, it is a matter of choosing which case is more important
> between fileconflict003 and fileconflict004)

I might have not clear, I also vote for this (I just said above, that
forget that ugly i-node hack part.) I tell you why:
The current 3.2 code is _safer_. With the old one, we had a failing
fileconflict005.py pactest (maybe we should put it to git), which is
problematic, because your installed package will be broken.
Currently the code is "too safe", this is the problem, but this causes
just "annoyance" and can be fixed with -Sf.


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