[pacman-dev] Configure --prefix in PKGBUILD scripts

Sebastian Nowicki sebnow at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 07:20:02 EDT 2008

On 04/06/2008, at 6:57 PM, Antonio Huete Jimenez wrote:

> I don't think that costs too much effort and I think it would be  
> even a nice feature.
> Why should we have separate ABS tree for each operating system? That  
> sound a lot of more effort. But well, this is just an opinion.
> Cheers,
> Antonio Huete

Because there are differences in operating systems. I hate to say  
this, but it's not KISS. Having an extra variable in there like that  
would add ambiguity and confusion. When --prefix=/usr is used it's  
obvious that it's going into /usr, that's not the case with --prefix="$ 
{PREFIX}". Also with some Makefiles DESTDIR is used, so we'd have to  
use `make DESTDIR="$pkgdir${PREFIX}" install`. Some files go into /var  
and other directories, that aren't under a common prefix, so imo it's  
just too complicated and confusing to do that.

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