[pacman-dev] [PATCH] makepkg.sh.in is prepared for building of splittet packages

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 12:32:40 EDT 2008

Xavier wrote:
>> Also it is rather strange that there is no space between your name and
>> mail address. Did you do something like the above :
>> 	git repo-config user.name "Your Name"
>> 	git repo-config user.email "me at example.com"
>> silvio at port1024.net wrote:
>>> From: Silvio fricke<silvio at port1024.net>
> Very strange, because [1] show me that I have spaces between my name and
> address.

Oops, seems to be a thunderbird issue when replying.

>> I have only minor "appearance" issues to address here, I don't know what
>> to think about the patch itself. Only that it does not seem too big and
>> mostly concentrated in one place, which is good.
> Ok, fine!
>> So first, isn't the correct term "splitted"?
>> It seems that you use both "split" and "splittet" which would then be
>> incorrect.
> Hmm, english is not my native language and I need help in language
> things.
> But I have the suggestions from [2] used.

Yeah, use split.

>> Also you should read this :
>> http://archlinux.org/pacman/submitting-patches.html
>> Especially this part :
>> <<
>> Describe your patch.
>> Before the actual diff begins, it helps if you describe the changes in
>> the patch. This allows others to see what you intended so as to compare
>> it to what was actually done, and allows better feedback. If you use
>> git-format-patch to create your patch, then your commit message will be
>> shown above the patch by default.
>>   >>
> Right you are! The next version of this patch has a more descriptive
> description.

Also have a look at Allan's suggestion. Seems like the whole patch would 
be nicer if it could use a loop.

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