[pacman-dev] FS#7982 - patch to makepkg to allow PKGBUILDs building more than one package

Marc - A. Dahlhaus mad at wol.de
Mon Jun 16 03:49:10 EDT 2008

Hello List,

a few comments on the posted patch...

@@ -1389,7 +1391,57 @@ if [ "$INFAKEROOT" = "1" ]; then

-	create_package
+	if [ "$splitinstall" != "" ] ; then
+		backup_o=$backup
+		conflicts_o=$conflicts
+		depends_o=$depends
+		groups_o=$groups
+		install_o=$install
+		license_o=$license
+		pkgdesc_o=$pkgdesc
+		pkgname_o=$pkgname
+		pkgver_o=$pkgver
+		provides_o=$provides
+		replaces_o=$replaces
+		url_o=$url

This is the right place to do this in my opinion, that way you have the global defined defaults for every slpit-package.
To move this inside of the loop would kill the posibility to get the fuits from my next comment.

+		create_package

I think this is wrong from the view to build sub-packages out of one compiled tree.
build should be used to only build the sources and prepare everything which would be usefull for all subpackages.

That way we could add a new param to makepkg to bould only a subset of the splitpackages by overriding the contents of the defined var splitinstall.

+		for it in "${splitinstall[@]}" ; do
+			if [ -d "$pkgdir" ]; then
+				msg "Removing existing pkg/ directory..."
+				rm -rf "$pkgdir"
+			fi
+			mkdir -p "$pkgdir"

I like it that way and we can fix the issue spotted by *Allan McRae* (non working repackage param) if we take the way of my prevous comment and allow to rebuild only a subset of the splitpackages.
I think we should add the splitpackage-name to repackage as additional param to makepkg's command line and use that to override the splitinstall value in case we want repackage.




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