[pacman-dev] Git cheat-sheet for pacman - Was: [PATCH] links problem in bacman

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Jun 22 23:46:27 EDT 2008

Carlo Bersani wrote:
> Sorry, I had to study how git works with coming exams
> Hope this is fine:

Here is the cheat-sheet I made when first starting pacman development.  
It should be all you need to know for everyday git usage with the pacman 

# Clone git repo - only needed once
git clone git://projects.archlinux.org/pacman.git pacman

# Enable useful hooks
chmod +x .git/hooks/{applypatch-msg,commit-msg,pre-commit,pre-rebase}

# Create branch "<branch>"
git branch <branch>

# Work with branch "<branch>"
git checkout <branch>

# Commit changes on current branch and make patch to master branch
git commit -a -s
git format-patch master

# Amend patch
git commit -a --amend -s

# Add file "<file>"
git add <file>

# Remove file "<file>"
git rm <file>

# Remove branch "<branch>"
git branch -D <branch>

# Update master branch
git checkout master
git pull

# Megre changes on master with "<branch>"
git-rebase master <branch>

# Get maint branch
git branch -r
git checkout -b maint origin/maint

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