[pacman-dev] 3.1.3 release?

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 17:43:40 EST 2008

Here's the shortlog. It would be cool to get the new Simplified
Chinese translation out there, as well as a few other small fixes that
have trickled in. The biggest change by far in this is the improved
frontend i18n output, which has some effect on every language except

Chantry Xavier (5):
      Update TRANSLATORS file.
      libalpm/sync.c : fix poorly worded debug message.
      Remove done and failed msg when loading targets.
      xgettext : change pass-c-format flag to c-format.
      fix two broken translated strings.

Dan McGee (7):
      Fix wide character output for download progress
      Fix wide character output for add/remove/upgrade/conflict progress
      A few more wide character output fixes
      Add some NULL checks into recently modified output functions
      Bump pacman version to a devel release and next version number
      Remove small remnant of old force=y option
      contrib: add 'groups' keyword to PKGBUILD.vim

Nagy Gabor (2):
      Set a missing pm_errno in _alpm_pkg_load()
      testpkg rework

Sergey Tereschenko (1):
      Update Russian translation

甘露(Lu.Gan) (2):
      Add new Simplified Chinese translation
      Update simplified chinese (zh_CN) translation.

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