[pacman-dev] pacman-contrib package

Allan McRae mcrae_allan at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 2 06:54:57 EST 2008

Xavier wrote:
> Hmm, I just realized what I said wasn't clear. The consequence of what I said
> above is that I had both PKGBUILD.vim and pkgbuild.vim. I was editing the
> PKGBUILD.vim one, but it was actually pkgbuild.vim which was used. So my
> changes were ignored.
I stuck with the case used for the file in the contrib directory.  I 
don't know a workaround for that. I can add a post install message 
indicating people should remove the lowercase one for the next version.  
My guess is that most people with the lowercase version are on this list 
anyway, so hopefully they have seen this!


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