[pacman-dev] uncompressed man pages

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 18:19:11 EDT 2008


the tidy_install makepkg function is composed of 5 parts :
1) Removing info/doc controlled by docs option
2) compressing man pages
3) stripping debugging symbols controlled by strip
4) removing libtool controlled by libtool
5) removing empty directories controlled by emptydirs

So as you can see, all steps can be enabled / disabled with an option except
step 2)
It turns out it would be useful to control that too. For example, the zsh
package has a special zshall man page that includes all others, but this only
works with uncompressed man page. Working around this automatic makepkg
compression is really awful and ugly :

So would it be acceptable to add a "compress" option or something?

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