[pacman-dev] Pacman maint release, possible translation updates (3.1.4)

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 14:15:24 EDT 2008

A maint release is upcoming, mainly due to the following bug Xavier
found and fixed:

In addition, there are a few other changes of note, as you can see in
the shortlog I've attached. With this said, any translators that wish
to make any updates should try to get these to me ASAP. The PO files
are unchanged from last time and are still available here
(http://code.toofishes.net/pacman/po_files/). Of course, if you see
your update below, it will already be included in the next release.

Any questions, feel free to reply to this thread. Also, if you have a
translation update coming but can't get it right away, let me know so
I don't release before it comes in like last time. Thanks!


$ git shortlog v3.1.3..maint | cat
Chantry Xavier (7):
      rename vimproject to vimprojects and update it.
      src/pacman/pacman.c : split cleanup function.
      Use sigaction instead of signal.
      Clarify the NoUpgrade and NoExtract behavior.
      PKGBUILD.vim: improve invalid arch/license detection.
      PKGBUILD.vim: add keepend keyword for sha1/md5 fields
      Duplicate the result of archive_entry_pathname.

Dan McGee (3):
      strsplit(): memleak fix
      memleak fix: ensure backup fname isn't lost if unused
      Fix manpage typo

Nagy Gabor (3):
      Remove a bogus comment from libalpm/remove.c
      Show options in pacman.conf (commented out)
      Use pkgcache instead of db_scan in remove.c

Sergey Tereschenko (1):
      Updates to Russian translation

甘露(Lu.Gan) (2):
      po/zh_CN.po: Chinese Simplified translation update
      Updates to Simplified Chinese translation

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