[pacman-dev] Conditional dependencies

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Mon May 5 10:40:46 EDT 2008


This may be a crazy idea, but I bring this on.
I've read some bugs on bug tracker, and I saw that "your kernel is too
old" sometimes. The problem is, that many users use custom
kernel (like me), that's why we cannot add 'kernel26>=...' dependency
to glibc for example. However, some users use arch-built kernel, and
they may break their system after installing a new glibc (well, at
least a warning in .install file would be helpful here).

So as a compromise, we could introduce a new type of dependency which
can be satisfied iff the user has no package (provision) installed
defined by dependency-name (and he gets a warning similar
to the helpful .install script) or it is installed the dependency is
satisfied treated as normal dependency. Thus a glibc update would force
a kernel update if needed but would never force kernel _add_.


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