[pacman-dev] [PATCHES] Refreshed PKGBUILDs

Geoffroy Carrier geoffroy.carrier at koon.fr
Sat May 17 11:28:57 EDT 2008

Excerpts from Allan McRae's message of Sat May 17 16:40:41 +0200 2008:
> It is much better to put patches inline so we can comment on them directly.
I'll have to read my mailer's doc deeper.

> I must be missing something here...  where exactly are you changing 
> $srcdir or $pkgdir not to point at $startdir/src and $startdir/pkg? You 
> can have these directories as tmpfs if you really want but how does that 
> need this change?   I also like the use of $startdir/* because it is 
> quite obvious what the startdir is.
I don't. The whole list I wrote in this mail are rules I think should be
followed. Not using $srcdir anymore would permit such changes in the

> Quoting paths with variable names seems a good idea. 
Thank you. Except for variables like cvs/svn/etc. paths which are not
likely to include any spaces or horrible chars. URLs in general are.

> >   - Still, lightweight means smater
> >     => Don't use
> >       "$_svntrunk" ${something}
> >        instead of
> >       $_svntrunk $something
> >   
> Where exactly is this change?
This was an example of the rule I wanted to follow... ie. i did not
introduced quotes of $_svntrunk which obviously won't include spaces.
(or it's REAAALLY dumb).

> It would be a poorly formed makefile if it did this, but I have struck 
> this once problem before.  It is also readily noticeable when building 
> the package so I'm not sure if this is really needed.
So did I. I think new packagers which are discovering makepkg are more
likely to think it's a makepkg problem instead of a wrong Makefile, and
might not even think about adding the trailing slash.
Anyway, It's not something important IMHO. IMHO getting rid of $startdir is.

Geoffroy Carrier

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