[pacman-dev] [PATCHES] Refreshed PKGBUILDs

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Mon May 19 08:31:46 EDT 2008

I don't think white spaces should be a concern. The main idea would be to
have a _consistent_ style. Once, I used to do exactly this:


But it could look better. So even if I'm a quarter second slower, I now
brace them entirely - consistency (look at kernel26). I don't think about
white spaces in paths because that's unlikely; unethical; uncool; a faux pas
and the build will fail anyway if there were any (tell me how many of them
don't act on a file after navigating into $somedir).

${pkgdir}/foo/bar definitely appeals more than ${startdir}/pkgdir/foo/bar (:
I've stuck to that since the first time I noticed it in the proto. However,
there are packages like devel ones that need to edit $pkgver so $startdir
will still be of use.
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