[pacman-dev] Fixing command line argument parsing in makepkg

Sebastian Nowicki sebnow at gmail.com
Mon May 19 11:54:52 EDT 2008

I have not tested this on many systems, but when running into another 
"bug", I noticed that makepkg doesn't parse command line options 
correctly on Mac OS X:

> $ sudo makepkg --asroot
> ==> ERROR: Running makepkg as root is a BAD idea and can cause
> permanent, catastrophic damage to your system. If you
> wish to run as root, please use the --asroot option.

I'm not sure if this has something to do with my settings, or zsh (I did
test in bash), but there is a problem. After running getopt, it appears
$@ gets altered. The following is the output of makepkg with an
additional "echo $@" just after running getopt:

> $ makepkg -h
> -- AbcCdefFghiLmop:rRsSV -l
> ignorearch,asroot,builddeps,clean,cleancache,nodeps,noextract,force,fo
> rcever:,geninteg,help,holdver,install,log,nocolor,nobuild,rmdeps,repac
> kage,source,syncdeps,usesudo,version,noconfirm,noprogressbar
> -n makepkg -- -h

makepkg proceeds as if -h was not supplied.

The patch in the following mail attempts to fix this by using $ARGLIST,
which does have the correct command line arguments. I did not test this
patch on linux or other systems, or really tested it much at all, but
the command line arguments do seem to get noticed and parsed properly. I
didn't really write the patch as a solution, I just wanted to bring
something to the table. I am not familiar with makepkg so it'd be best
for other people to look into this.

After applying the patch, $@ no longer gets shifted, and I saw use of
OPT_IND, which never gets used, but it did scare me off a bit. Not
shifting the command line arguments may result in regressions, but the
solution provided is a simple one.

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