[pacman-dev] bacman

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Thu May 29 20:25:18 EDT 2008

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 7:19 PM, Allan McRae <mcrae_allan at hotmail.com> wrote:
> It seems I was beaten to send it...
> Anyway, the only section I changed was this:
>> #
>> # Setting environmental variables
>> #
>> eval $(sed -nre
>> 's:[[:space:]]*(DBPath)[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*([[:print:]]*):\1="\2":p'
>> /etc/pacman.conf)
>> pac_db="${DBPath:-/var/lib/pacman/}/local"
>> eval $(sed -nre
>> 's:[[:space:]]*(CacheDir)[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*([[:print:]]*):\1="\2":p'
>> /etc/pacman.conf)
>> pac_cache="${CacheDir:-/var/cache/pacman/pkg/}"
>> pkg_name="$1"
>> pkg_dir="$(echo $pac_db/$pkg_name-[0-9]*)"
>> eval $(sed -nre
>> 's:[[:space:]]*(CARCH)[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*([[:print:]]*):\1=\2:p'
>> /etc/makepkg.conf)
>> pkg_arch=${CARCH:-'unknown'}
>> eval $(sed -nre
>> 's:[[:space:]]*(PKGDEST)[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*([[:print:]]*):\1=\2:p'
>> /etc/makepkg.conf)
>> pkg_dest="${PKGDEST:-$PWD}"
>> eval $(sed -nre
>> 's:[[:space:]]*(PACKAGER)[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*([[:print:]]*):\1=\2:p'
>> /etc/makepkg.conf)
>> pkg_pkger=${PACKAGER:-'Unknown Packager'}
>> pkg_namver="${pkg_dir##*/}"
> The mailing list doesn't like the length of those sed statements....
It is gmail, not the mailing list. git-send-email seems to handle long
lines, for instance.

> The eval statement appears to only work until the first comments so I
> changed it so that each variable needs to be read in separately.
> Also, those sed statements are monstrous...  They do allow spaces in
> path names though.  So the question is: Does pacman allow spaces in
> DBPath or CacheDir?  If not we can simply those statements.  It should
> not be needed for the reading of variables from makepkg.conf because
> they are bash variables and should be nicely quoted anyway.

We should just be able to source makepkg.conf, no need to sed it to
death. Be sure we source ~/.makepkg.conf as well though if this script
can be run as a user. Just look to makepkg to see the canonical way to
do all this.

Man I wish there was a better way to get the pacman.conf stuff in.

I'll take a further look at everything else later, but I don't have
the time tonight. Hopefully some others can offer some feedback and
this can get plunked in contrib/.


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