[pacman-dev] Status of "Splitting packages with makepkg"

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Nov 13 06:34:05 EST 2008

Jakub Schmidtke wrote:
> Hi.
> I guess this is the right place to ask :)
> What is the status of this feature? I have read discussions
> from June and August, and some of the ideas look very interesting.
> Is there anything going on with this?
> Is there a way to help (as non dev/TU though)? :)
> Jakub Schmidtke

I was taking the lead on getting this into makepkg but have been busy 
with other things in the last couple of months.  About the only thing I 
have in my git branch is the prototype that was "decided on" (or 
possibly the least rejected....)



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