[pacman-dev] problem with deltas file generated by repo-add and what _alpm_delta_parse expects

solsTiCe d'Hiver solstice.dhiver at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 05:48:52 EDT 2008


i browse into alpm code, and just find that
repo-add adds lines like that to a deltas file
$fromver $tover $deltasize $deltafile $deltamd5

but _alpm_delta_parse (in delta.c) which is used in be_files.c, expect the same 
line to be
$oldfile $oldmd5 $newfile $newmd5 $deltafile $deltamd5 $deltasize

is it because this delta stuff is not finished yet ?
or i am simply completly wrong ??

by the way, i am trying to create a bsd db4 back-end for alpm. i have written 
convert.c, rewritten repo.add.py.in, pmdb.py. i have to rewrite be_files.c yet, 
the big part.

what do you, the dev, think of that ? i know that almost every one was against 
such a thing some time ago, and might still do. 

i do it mostly as an exercise but it would be nice if it is used.


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