[pacman-dev] Some comments on Bryan patches (bugs)

Bryan Ischo bji-keyword-pacman.3644cb at www.ischo.com
Sun Apr 12 16:31:55 EDT 2009

Nagy Gabor wrote:
> Bump on these. As I see, 1-2 are fixed now (mentioned in the first
> mail of this thread). But the "duplicated messages/data-list" issue is
> still here. After my "Print warning in _alpm_resolvedep() if a satisfier
> package is ignored without QUESTION" patch this issue became even worse,
> maybe that patch should be reverted, I dunno...
> The most precise [but ugly source-code] solution would be the following
> (imho): Maintain a dropped list for dropped (unresolvable) packages.
> This would prevent duplicated work (and duplicated messages), and this
> would speed-up our algorithm a bit in xav's example.
> Bye

Hi, I was on vacation in Australia for 3 weeks and am in the process of 
moving now, so I'm really out of the loop here.  I can barely remember 
the issues involved here.  I believe I submitted two patches before I 
left that solved some of the issues that were pointed out by Nagy.  Have 
these been accepted into the pacman sources?  Nagy, are you running your 
test with these patches?

If so, then I agree that the final problems that exist are ugly, but 
fortunately just cosmetic.

I also continue to believe that the warning message you've added about 
ignored packages is unnecessary.  The user knows what packages they've 
put in their ignore list and that these packages may be ignored at any 
time as dependency satisfiers.  I don't think they need to be warned 
about it.  At the very least, it should be an optional warning turned on 
by a command-line flag.  That's my opinion anyway.

If your warning is taken out, what does the new output of pacman look 
like in the situation you are reporting?  I imagine there are still some 
duplicated messages, but what exactly?


p.s. I'm moving back to the USA and starting a new job this week so I 
may not be very responsive to the list for a while ... my apologies in 

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