[pacman-dev] Inconsistency of makepkg's activities in devel_check()

Benjamin Richter webmaster at waldteufel-online.net
Mon Aug 17 16:56:00 EDT 2009

Am Montag, den 17.08.2009, 16:40 +0200 schrieb Xavier:
> 2) removing hg / mercurial support
> This is the easiest one :D

> 3) implement a way to get the version with hg without cloning, like
> all other scm already have
> This is the nicest / most difficult (maybe impossible?) one :)
Indeed. It is nice. But not impossible :-D

newpkgver=$(hg incoming -n "${_hgroot}/${_hgrepo}" -l 1 --template

The local repository has to be created first (hg init is sufficient,
_no_ clone needed!) and this line has to be executed in the local

Benjamin Richter

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