[pacman-dev] use of /usr/local with pacman

Jeff jeff at kcaccess.com
Wed Aug 19 20:31:14 EDT 2009

I just updated the installed pacman and noticed makepkg.conf's use of
/usr/local in strip, doc, and man dirs. Should pacman allow any files to
be installed into /usr/local? I've been an administrator on various UNIX
clones for more than a decade and packages that were installed by the
package manager, whether precompiled or a build recipe, always avoided
/usr/local and any "local" modifications were put exclusively in
/usr/local with PATH and library search path having /usr/local first so
the user's modifications would take precedence. Just curious if pacman
makes such a policy or if it is up to the PKGBUILD author.


My other computer is an abacus.

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