[pacman-dev] Little hello and pyalpmm announcement

Markus Meissner markus at evigo.net
Sat Aug 22 10:45:14 EDT 2009

Hello pacman-dev list members,

I'm the developer (meissna) behind the python libalpm wrapper: pyalpmm
You can find more information in this thread (1st post):  

As a very short abstract: pyalpmm implements a thin very high level 
wrapper around the alpm library written in python.

One of the main goals in the medium term are a transparent regular repos 
and aur support ... (like mixing aur and repo packaged in -S)
Several steps are taken towards this goal, like building (mmacman -BI 
some_repo_or_aur_pkg) supports both transparently,
searching ( mmacman -Ss query) also supports both: regular repos and 
aur. The next step is already the "-S functionality" milestone,
which needs proper AUR pkg dependency resolution - this is in 
construction, or maybe "conception" ;)

And, dunno if this is usual, but one line about me personally:
My name is Markus Meissner, living and studying in Germany/Frankfurt - 
right now I'm in Munich for my graduation and I'm 25years old...

So, hi all!


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