[pacman-dev] Little hello and pyalpmm announcement

Markus Meissner markus at evigo.net
Sun Aug 23 13:45:48 EDT 2009

Hey Dario,

Ok, nice this makes one big new point on my todo list.

So did I understand you right and the problems only occur during a 
transaction? That means
all the database-querying stuff works fine without further consideration 
in multi-threaded environments?

But the idea of jailing the transaction in a separate process is quite 
interesting, but where is the point
in putting alpm in a separate thread? Does this mean, that other 
non-transaction stuff also makes
problems in some situations?


Dario Freddi wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> I'm the main developer of Aqpm, a Qt/C++ wrapper of alpm, which is also the 
> library behind Shaman. Your project seems great, and I hope somebody will use 
> it to make something just as great!
> However, I wanted to let you know that at the moment Alpm behaves strangely in 
> multithreaded environments. Particularly (I don't know why and I did not 
> investigate further), when running package scriptlets the operation will stall 
> completely if more than one thread is active.
> You might want to consider this in your library, in Aqpm there's no such 
> problem as by using PolicyKit, transactions are always jailed in a different 
> process which is of course single-threaded, and that's probably the only 
> solution.
> I would suggest you to make some tests of pyalpmm in multithreaded 
> environments, since the highest barrier of alpm in GUI ambits is that it was 
> not designed with thread usage in mind. Also have a look at Aqpm, which is 
> completely thread-safe, as I jailed alpm as well in its very own thread, you 
> might be tempted to adopt a similar solution.
> Hope this helped you!
> In data sabato 22 agosto 2009 16:45:14, Markus Meissner ha scritto:
> : > Hello pacman-dev list members,
>> I'm the developer (meissna) behind the python libalpm wrapper: pyalpmm
>> You can find more information in this thread (1st post):
>> http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=60711&p=1
>> As a very short abstract: pyalpmm implements a thin very high level
>> wrapper around the alpm library written in python.
>> One of the main goals in the medium term are a transparent regular repos
>> and aur support ... (like mixing aur and repo packaged in -S)
>> Several steps are taken towards this goal, like building (mmacman -BI
>> some_repo_or_aur_pkg) supports both transparently,
>> searching ( mmacman -Ss query) also supports both: regular repos and
>> aur. The next step is already the "-S functionality" milestone,
>> which needs proper AUR pkg dependency resolution - this is in
>> construction, or maybe "conception" ;)
>> And, dunno if this is usual, but one line about me personally:
>> My name is Markus Meissner, living and studying in Germany/Frankfurt -
>> right now I'm in Munich for my graduation and I'm 25years old...
>> So, hi all!
>> Greets
>> Markus

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