[pacman-dev] word-wrapping when not outputting to a tty

Oleg Finkelshteyn olegfink at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 15:59:58 EDT 2009

> I've personally been bothered by this:
> it's probably related/same issue:
> pacman -Qi libsoup
> (...)
> Depends On     : glib2>=2.20.4  gnutls>=2.8.1  libxml2>=2.7.3  libproxy>=0.2.3  sqlite3>=3.6.15  gconf>=2.26.0-3

My problem was with indentprint(), this comes from list_display(). My
patch attempts to fix both.

P.S.: Apparently gmail supports the current pacman behavior -- it
word-wraps the output lines that shouldn't be. Sorry.

P.P.S.: Seems the mails don't contain a Reply-To: -- is that normal?
My mail client thinks it should reply to the sender rather than the

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