[pacman-dev] inside PKGBUILD customizable makepkg PURGE_TARGETS

Ciprian Dorin, Craciun ciprian.craciun at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 12:45:02 EST 2009

    Hello all!

    Again I have a proposal to enhance makepkg PURGE_TARGETS handling.

    I think that enabling customizing PURGE_TARGETS inside PKGBUILD
would be a benefit in the following context:
    * I have a software package that contains: an application, a
static library, a dynamic library, and some development files;
    * I want to create separate packages: something-bin, something-lib
(shared library), something-dev (include and static library), and
maybe something-doc;

    What I have to do today (maybe there is a different way, please
correct me): I create a `something-lib_package` function in which I
make a normal install, but then I delete all unneeded files.

    Wouldn't it be better if:
    a) I was able to define `pkg_purge_targets` also in PKGBUILD,
overriding PURGE_TARGETS in makepkg.conf, and,
    b) allow to have `something-lib_pkg_purge_targets` that allows
different purge targets for each "sub-package" overriding those from
PKGBUILD or makepkg.conf;

    Comments? Ideas? Corrections?


    P.S.: If needed I could provide a patch that implements this.
    P.P.S.: This has nothing to do with my previous proposal about
globstar patterns in PURGE_TARGETS.

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