[pacman-dev] pacman cold caches performance, too much stat()ing

Dimitrios Apostolou jimis at gmx.net
Sat Dec 12 07:28:08 EST 2009

On Sat, 12 Dec 2009, Allan McRae wrote:

> Dimitrios Apostolou wrote:
>>  On Fri, 11 Dec 2009, Nagy Gabor wrote:
>> >  depends files are read in order to ensure that the upgraded package
>> >  won't break any "old" dependencies.
>> > 
>> >  Example: local foo requires bar=2.0 (which is installed)
>> >  Then "pacman -S bar" is not allowed (if bar in sync has different
>> >  version).
>>  I just noticed that local depends are read even when installing a new
>>  package (not upgrading an old one). Why is this for?
> How about this example:
> pacman -S foo, foo replaces=bar and provides=bar, installed package baz 
> depends on foo>=2.0.

If already installed package baz depends on foo, then foo is already 
installed. Perhaps you mean it depends on bar>=2?

> This should fail as bar only provides foo and so it is unknown whether the 
> foo>=2.0 dependency for baz is solved.

And here you probably mean that "foo" only provides "bar" without version. 
So doing a pacman -S foo should remove "bar" because of /replaces/, but 
should also keep it because of "baz" requiring the specific version 
already installed.

Anyway I think I get it, it always needs to read local depends. It is 
getting far more complex than I initially thought...

But even for this complex case, an RDEPENDS field for local packages would 
help significantly. Perhaps you remember when it was discussed again, date 
or pacman version?


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