[pacman-dev] My first splitted package

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sat Jan 17 07:56:30 EST 2009

Am Samstag 17 Januar 2009 13:26:09 schrieb Allan McRae:
> That PKGBUILD looks good to me.  The only comment I have is that if
> someone does a "pacman -S phonon" they are going to get
> phonon-backend-gstreamer installed by default as this will be the first
> detected provider of phonon-backend.  So people are going to want to do
> "pacman -S phonon-backend-foo" which will work because of the dependency
> cycle in there.
> I really do not know how to handle this better.  Maybe a post install
> message for phonon saying a backend is needed.  I am sure there is
> another package like that in one of the repos but cannot remember what
> it is...

It is similar to the libgl stuff. If you install anything that depends on it 
pacman will grab fglrx or whatever comes first. So until pacman get some 
implementation to ask the user to choose from different providers, we'll have 
to live with that. But that are rare cases and not related to splitted 

The next one I'll try is php. It should be more complex but there won't be 
strange dependencies between sub packages.


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