[pacman-dev] pacman mirrors

Amanai amanai at freenet.de
Mon Jan 19 16:54:24 EST 2009

I don't know what to do, but I know with the last pacman update with a  
seperated mirror list, my download speed went down to 40-80 k/sec. Before  
it was around 1700-2000 k/sec, using cable with 30 Mbits. I try to find  
the fastest server, but can't.

Is it possible that pacman can use "geo_ip", that automatically find the  
nearest and fastest server. This works perfect with my openSUSE box.

Now it looks like, after running pacman -Syu I spend a day to get all  

I was set up mirror after mirror from this list

the fastest I get now are 200 k/sec. with a Server out of date. ~ 10 hours  
out of date.

Where is the fast california server gone?

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