[pacman-dev] My patches (again)

Bryan Ischo bji-keyword-pacman.3644cb at www.ischo.com
Tue Jan 20 19:30:53 EST 2009

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 1:16 AM, Bryan Ischo
> <bji-keyword-pacman.3644cb at www.ischo.com> wrote:
>> Hi all.  I've noticed that other commits have gone into the pacman master
>> repository (what is the exact git terminology for the master repository?)
>> but that the patches that I sent to the list have not.
>> Are mine going in?  Or is the team waiting on something from me?  Or have my
>> patches been rejected?  My most recent emails should have patches which
>> easily and cleanly apply to the tree.
> It usually depends on patch size and complexity. I didn't review your
> patches, but I looked at them and they were fairly involved. I
> imagine, in order to ensure everything is OK, the review might take a
> little longer.
> Don't get discouraged, though. I sent a like 5 line patch to the list
> that Dan forgot about 8)
> Are there any of those patches that can be merged individually? Or are
> they a big series of patches that kind of depend on each other?

There were four patches, the first three of which built on one another, 
and the last one was an unrelated documentation change.

I broke them up into the smallest patches I could, which is why there 
were 3.  I am not sure if you followed the discussion, but I ended up 
re-implementing my changes in a more concise and simpler way which is 
why it's now 3 (+1 doc patch) smaller patches instead of 4 (+1 doc 
patch) bigger patches.

I'll be patient and just wait to hear something about the patches.


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