[pacman-dev] Copyright notices in pacman code

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 8 00:12:40 EST 2009

Hi all,

I was looking through makepkg for areas that need tidied before the
upcoming(!) release when I noticed the copyright notice in the version 
output is is "2002-2007 Judd Vinet".  (Note it is 2002-2008 in the 
header.) So I went to add Dan here for the newer years (being the 
current project lead - that way I can blame him when I break 
something...).  Then I did a "grep -R Copyright *" and noticed there is 
a lot that has been altered that has not had copyrights updated.  I 
don't know what the best practice with this should be.  Should someone 
make a big patch bumps the copyright years and adds new lines as necessary?

BTW, this is my favourite line:
lib/libalpm/po/it.po:# Copyright (C) 2007 THE libalpm'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER


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