[pacman-dev] Useless comments...

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 8 01:06:13 EST 2009


if (you don't want to read a semi rant)
    exit 0;

I have noticed a number of useless comments in makepkg and have decided 
that they are worse than no comments.  Examples:

1)  This inspired the rant!

    # we can only check checksums if we have all files

Huh, why are we not checking for all files then?  Because 
download_sources exits when it fails...

2)  and there are a lot of these:

    # fix flyspray feature request #2978
    # fix flyspray bug #5923
    # Fixes FS#10039
    # fix flyspray #6246
    #fix flyspray feature request #5223
    # fix flyspray bug #5973

and I am guilty here...  but I was at the airport with no internet 
access so I had no idea if these are important.  And most of these 
appeared to be non-obscure features/fixes so did not need a comment 
justifying their inclusion.

3) overly obvious comments

    # do we have a changelog?
    if [ -f "$startdir/ChangeLog" ]; then

If you do not understand that test, then leave the code alone...

I will patch these out eventually but I like to share my frustration.  I 
am just a generous guy!


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