[pacman-dev] patch submission help

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 17 11:34:52 EDT 2009

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
>> The typical centralized workflow is that contributers check out the
>> "official" tree, create their patches, and then request to pull changes (via
>> git-pull, emailing patches or other means). The nature of multiple people
>> contributing at once is that things will get updated while you're working on
>> something. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is fix it up and
>> re-submit. Don't worry about what other people are doing, you should really
>> be focusing on changes in the official tree. If you read that someone is
>> making huge changes to something related to what you're working on then you
>> could start basing your patches off them (this is the distributed part), if
>> you're certain they will go into the official tree. It's just common sense
>> really.
> Yeah, that's the git concept that confuses lots of people at first.
> Don't worry about other people's trees (unless they're your base),
> only worry about the tree you want to get merged to. The one managing
> THAT tree should concern themselves with the merges (though, they may
> simply say: "can you fix this up so it merges cleanly after these
> changes?").

Some people don't seem to know about projects.archlinux.org. Jeff 
developed patches against pacman 3.2.2's makepkg, while similar changes 
already went into our master tree, which is located at 
http://projects.archlinux.org/?p=pacman.git;a=summary (URLs for cloning 
are also visible on that page).

So maybe we should include in the PKGBUILD (that's where most people 
probably look when they want to get the source) a comment with a link to 
the master tree. I hope that this URL is already in the README from the 
source file as well.

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