[pacman-dev] makepkg repackage option text

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Mar 25 11:36:56 EDT 2009

Sebastian Nowicki wrote:
> Is running the package() functions required? I realise it is 
> semantically correct, but isn't the typical use case for the -R flag 
> simply to change metadata? In that case only the variables defined in 
> the package() functions have to be read. I'm not familiar with the 
> implementation so there might be a problem there.

To read the variables defined in the package function, we need to excue 
the package functions.  So this is necessary for at least package 

My main use case for this is if an "install" command fails, or needs 
adjusted, then the packaging can just be run again.  I have never had to 
just adjust metadata so I don't know if that is a common usage.  Also, 
the packaging will take a fraction of the time that the building does 
(even for large packages it will be very small) so this should not be 
too much of an issue.


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