[pacman-dev] Fetch callback patch, take 2

Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
Fri May 29 14:21:43 EDT 2009

Hello people,

Here goes another chapter of the fetch callback saga. I finally managed to get 
a patch working on my copy and completed the integration with Shaman. I have 
attached a patch that is almost completely based upon Sebastian's one, however 
it does not abstract the logic of xfercommand out to pacman. Now alpm works 
this way:

1. If the frontend registered a fetch callback, use that
2. If there is a xfercommand, use that
3. If there's nothing, usual behavior

You can pull aqpm+shaman master and check out how things work well. In the 
shaman land, now it works like this.

1. Shaman creates the queue and streams it to Aqpm
2. Aqpm authentifies itself through Policykit
3. Aqpm spawns an helper, running as root (remember that shaman now doesn't 
run as root or suid)
4. The helper checks for the caller's authorization, and then registers its 
own callback. It will then stream progress back to Aqpm through DBus

In case the patch doesn't cut out, I was thinking about shipping along with 
Aqpm a bundled alpm with this patch in, and I would appreciate some opinions 
on that too.


Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
GPG Key Signature: 511A9A3B

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