[pacman-dev] [RFC][PATCH] Introduce Include key globing for pacman.conf v3

Marc - A. Dahlhaus [ Administration | Westermann GmbH ] mad at wol.de
Fri Sep 11 05:32:08 EDT 2009

Hello Xavier,

Am Freitag, den 11.09.2009, 11:17 +0200 schrieb Xavier:
> On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Marc - A. Dahlhaus [ Administration
> | Westermann GmbH ] <mad at wol.de> wrote:
> > This patch adds the ability to use Include filenames
> > containing wildcards and also expands the tilde to the
> > homedirectory of the executing user.
> >
> > Added a headercheck for glob.h to configure.ac.
> > Added a globfree call to clean up the struct properly.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Marc-A. Dahlhaus <mad at wol.de>
> Can you provide an use-case / examples justifying this ?

we use it to add repos or options by installing files
into /etc/pacman/conf.d/ with a name of testing.conf for a repo called
testing for example and only add

Include = /etc/pacman/conf.d/*.conf

in /etc/pacman/pacman.conf.

> I am not sure we want/need these features, and I am not sure it's a
> good idea to have non-static mirrors (depending on the user executing,
> depending on the files matching the glob, etc)

I thought of options like ShowSize and TotalDownload...

But as pacman has to be executed by root for -S the tilde expanding
looks like a pointless thing to do in the end...
But glob could do it so it is there for free.

But i don't get your point.

Isn't the configuration for pacman a distro thing and the packagers of
the pacman package should know what they do? If they don't want to use
it on arch the don't have to add it to there configuration files.

We use it for our inhouse cluster-distro, it's useful and it works good
for us.


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