[pacman-dev] implement .so dependencies?

Florian Pritz bluewind at server-speed.net
Tue Apr 13 13:59:02 EDT 2010

On 13.04.2010 19:10, Frank Thieme wrote:
> On Thursday 25 February 2010 04:34:06 Allan McRae wrote:
>> I have had a quick look at these today and there are still a couple of
>> things I would like to address.  but they are getting much closer to
>> what I think they need to be.
>> I have put them on a "sodeps" branch of my pacman repo so they do not
>> get lost and they will consistently remind me to take a decent look at
>> them...
> Any news on this? As you already knows, there was a breakage of KDEmod because 
> of the openssl update lately, that could have been prevented with soname 
> dependencies.  ;)
> Bye...Frank

We're working on it :)
See ".so provides/depends patches review" thread on this ML.

Florian Pritz -- {flo,bluewind}@server-speed.net

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