[pacman-dev] Release plans

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 24 17:36:41 CEST 2010

Updated list of things that need done before release:
(** indicates patches available)
(* indicates a patch needing revision is available)

1**) Nagy's -D patch should be included.

2) Revert/fix the cross-build library linking patch as this forces some 
linking that it should not. Dan said he was looking at this (?).

3) Fix "makepkg --source" issue with split packages and 
install/changelog files (FS#18831) Related bugs FS#18394 and FS#16004 
can be fixed at the same time. I have most of a patch prepared.

4**) Pull in other stuff from working branches
  - Nagy has another couple of minor patches
  - Xavier has a couple (I am not sure about asciidoc one... but I do 
not see a better way)
  - I have few patches (all makepkg ones are well tested, pacman -Qo 
"functional which" could do with a final review)

5*) phonon/qt issue patch: 
- needs cleanup first.

6*) Include globbing patch: 
- see my recent post about potential fix needed for no match case.

7) "pacman -Sg group" interactivity: 

8*?) Tidy up bash_completion stuff? (FS#16630)

9) Look at Flyspray roadmap: 
http://bugs.archlinux.org/index.php?do=index&tasks=&project=3&due=69 and 
remove anything not being implemented.

10) Write NEWS...

My working branch has Nagy's and Xavier's patches (apart from the 
asciidoc one) on it.  I will try and keep it up to date with all other 
patches that are needed to address these issues as they arrive so Dan 
(and anyone else) can easily pull them from one place.


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