[pacman-dev] pyalpmm in version 0.3

Markus Meissner markus at evigo.net
Wed Aug 18 12:29:30 EDT 2010

Hey Guys,

just wanted to announce the 0.3 release of pyalpmm including transparent
AUR support (searching, dependency resolving between AUR and regular
repos), a new highest-possible-level API class called System, which
allows you to add/remove/build/search/upgrade/update in mostly just one
line of code and many more features and a now (nearly) frozen API.

The bbs thread: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=60711 should
give you a little insight what happend, and also the project homepage of
course: http://www.infolexikon.de/code/pyalpmm/

If you've any questions/feedback feel free to write me.

Markus Meissner

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