[pacman-dev] Changing how repo dbs are updated

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 17:14:41 CET 2010

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> This message is more of a sounding board for me to get the issues
> surrounding this sorted and point out what I am planning to do.  But any
> comments on this would also be appreciated.  Especially #3 below.
> Issue I see currently and in the future with signed databases:
> 1) Currently the repo dbs are updated just like downloading a package file.
>  If the update is started and canceled part way though, you get a
> repo.db.part file which pacman attempts to continue downloading. However,
> unlike package files, this file is not static content and so we should never
> continue the download.   See https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/15657 . This
> can be handled by just deleting the repo.db.part file if present, but it
> might be better just never create .part files in the first place for repo
> dbs by downloading to a temporary location and moving/deleting based on
> successful completion.  That would mean having a different download function
> for repo dbs and packages.  See #2 for additional reasons to split this...

False? At least if the remote server is not broken, commit d2dbb04a9a
should have definitely fixed this. With that said, the only (external
of dload.c) user of download_single_file() is the db download code at
the moment.

> 2) Database signing.   Currently the code downloads the database, deletes
> the old now invalid signature, then downloads the new signature.  If the
> signature is valid, then all is fine.   However, if it fails to download or
> is invalid, pacman issues an error about failing to update the database.
>  The database on your system is now not correctly signed (which is bad given
> its signature is only checked on update...).
> I think that the old database and signature should only be overwritten if
> the new database download is successful _and_ its signature is valid.  This
> requires downloading the database and its signature to a temporary location
> and then moving the files only once they are confirmed valid.  That would
> require a different download interface for package and database downloads,
> but that is a good thing as we can get rid of the force crap from the one
> used for packages.

But you can't, unless you are required to provide two callbacks for
downloading files. :/ And don't forget that it would be good to
support standalone package sigs; e.g. if I do

pacman -U http://example.com/mypkgs/foobar-1.0-arch.pkg.tar.xz

I would expect it to "do the right thing" and also look for a .sig
there as well.

> 3) pacman -Syy behavior.  Instead of adding a "force" flag to overwrite the
> old database, would it be better to just delete the old database first?
>  Currently, if you use pacman -Syy and a database download fails, you are
> left with the old sync database you told pacman to get rid of. Is leaving
> pacman with no database for that repo a better solution?

I don't think so- this seems similar to #1 and leaving the user in a
worse situation than they originally had. We really interpret -yy as
"download the remote DB regardless of whether you think it has been
updated", but if we wanted to change that, I guess I'm not completely
opposed if we document it as so and change peoples expectations. A
failed -Syy (by a superuser) keeps any non-superuser from doing -Si,
etc. so that is no good.

> I'm not sure about #3...   But to fix #1 and #2, I think we need to split
> the download handling for dbs and packages slightly unless someone has a
> better idea of how to deal with those?
> Allan

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