[pacman-dev] Misleading info when epoch is used

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Tue Dec 7 17:55:50 EST 2010

> In fact I don't like neither force nor epoch. Epoch is just a version
> prefix, why don't we let the packager to workaround this (KISS)? We can
> introduce a new separator (now we have one: '.'), for example '#', and
> let the packager define his favourite pkgversion (maybe epoch in mind),
> like "1#0.6.2a-2". Epoch just complicates code and leads to "wtf"
> imho...

Well, of course a new separator is not necessary, packager can do
everything with '.', e.g. he can use "". It is just more
readable to the user (and the packager). The key here is that epoch is
no more than a simple version prefix, and I think it is needless to
introduce %EPOCH% database field etc.

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