[pacman-dev] implement .so dependencies?

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Wed Feb 3 11:50:08 EST 2010

> Finally, this would prevent proper upgrades to partially complete
> rebuilds.  That is fine for some users who would like such things, but
> the people doing and testing a rebuild would have issues.  I upgraded
> the libpng/libjpeg rebuild packages while there were still several
> packages needing to be rebuilt for my system.  With this patch, I would
> be required to do an incredibly stupid "pacman -Syud".

I can't see any problem here. If you are going to break some
dependencies on your system, pacman should disallow that, like with
"regular" dependencies. This is exactly our goal: To avoid system  
breakage with partial updates.

Packagers should know what they are doing... Moreover, I can also  
support adding some more sophisticated dependency switches (maybe  
hidden from end-users), if needed. (Personally, I don't like that I  
can't turn on resolvedeps with -d. Moreover, in many cases it is worth  
distinguishing target_pkg->foo broken dependencies from local_pkg->foo  
broken [reverse]deps.)


SZTE Egyetemi Konyvtar - http://www.bibl.u-szeged.hu
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